Erin M. Phifer, M.A.

Licensed Professional Counselor

Parent Resources

Children with Developmental Disorders require extensive services addressing a wide variety of cognitive, emotional, social, physical, and sensory needs. Often, as parents, the search for these services, treatments, and products may become overwhelming and frustrating due to conflicting opinions and a wide array of choices.

The following list has been compiled from the most recent USAAA 2008 International Autism and Asperger's Conference in Austin, TX.  These are not representative of all that exist, but offer choices for digestive enzymes, Omegas, hyperbaric therapies, comprehensive treatment centers, & water treatment.

For detailed information on these resources visit their websites. 
For a compiled list of these resources offering an abbreviated explanation of each, please download:
                    Complete Resource List


 Care Clinics


          Portable Hyperbaric Chambers


                Houston Enzymes


               The BioMat Company


                Nordic Naturals


                Kangen Water


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