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Auditory Training

Berard's Auditory Integration Training (AIT)

What is Auditory Integration Training (AIT)?

AIT is an intervention developed by Dr. Guy Berard to correct or improve auditory  hypersensitivity, distortions, and delays in signals that interfere with an individual's ability to process auditory information normally.1

Inconsistencies and distortions in the way sounds are perceived can make it difficult to interpret auditory stimuli. Dr. Berard states that the ears must work together in a coordinated fashion. If the hearing in one ear is different from the other, the person may have auditory processing problems. This lack of coordination  between the ears contributes to difficulties in following directions, comprehending what is said or read, and putting thoughts into words.

Dr. Berard states that some people hear certain frequencies much better than other frequencies. When this occurs, the person perceives sounds in a distorted manner, may be easily distracted, and may have difficulty understanding    auditory information. According to Dr. Berard, these auditory problems are factors that contribute to disorders such as learning disabilities, attention deficit, dyslexia, hyperactivity, central auditory processing disorder, sensory processing disorder, autism, and pervasive developmental disorder.

1 Reprinted with permission from ©Idea Training  Center 

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